The game BattleSouls is being developed by Pixeleap and will be out on Steam for PC and Mac in 2016.

BattleSouls is a 3rd person shooter with MOBA elements. The game takes place in a fantasy universe where fallen heroes battle each other for Soul Crystals. The game features a unique gameplay where you can switch character whilst in combat.

On this project we developed the visual style of the game and produced most of the 3D assets including (but not limited to) Characters, Environment, Props, Animations, Effects etc. The amount of work we did on this project was tremendous.

We got on the project pretty early as the only visual team, which meant that we naturally made a lot of concept art, character designs and visual development In general. We worked very closely with the main team and the directors to tackle all visual issues and really nail the rich style that they wanted.

We managed all planning of the visual part of the production and hired in extra animators to get the job done in time. Throughout the whole production, we had frequent communication with the main team so we could tackle unforeseen issues and get through implementation as smooth as possible.

The client wanted a very flexible production when it came to prioritizing graphic needs, so we were open to changing the plans whenever it was necessary.

Visual Development, Characters,
Environments, Animations, Effects
9 Months