MRI Scanner App

Together with OddLabs, we developed an MRI Scanner app that helps children become comfortable with the process involved in being scanned. The app is out on iOS and Android. A problem that arises when scanning children is that they are afraid, because it’s a big machine and it makes loud noises. So sometimes they need to use anesthetics or redo a scan. The goal of the app was to help children understand the process, and reduce use of anesthetics and redo’s in the process.

We produced all the art, from user interface to every 3D asset. The project was complex because the rooms should be very close to the real room and each object should be realistic rendered. The app was targeted towards handheld devices. We implemented each asset into the game, and made sure each animation played as it should. Each room has dynamic lighting which meant we couldn’t bake it. With the several rooms, realistic style and short production timeframe this project was a real challenge.

Android iOS
Visual Development, User Interface, 3D Assets and Animation
2 Months