Out Of the Ordinary

A middle-aged man lives a life of routines, clinging to a long desired promotion, until the day his computer and coffee machine decide that there is need for a change.

Out of the Ordinary is an animated short film, which was made as a student film at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, Viborg. The genre is comedy, and the style is semi realistic environments with cartoony and loveable characters. The film is character based, and the comedy is in the strange and funny characteristics. During 9 months the film was in production, with a team of 8 people. The film had huge technical challenges, and getting the look of the film to work was a balance between time and quality. The film was shown in various cinemas in Denmark. The film was selected for 15 film festivals, nominated for 3 awards as best student short and was the runner up to one award as best student animation. The film has more than 79.000 views online.

Nikki and Dennis, the two founders of 2nd Studio, were the art director and technical director on the project. Involved in all processes of the film including story development, character design, modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rigging, rendering and compositing. Their roles included responsibility for the art style and achieving it in the 3D media.

Art Direction, Technical Direction, Visual Development, Characters, Environments, Light and Render.
9 Months